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Exam Title : LPIC-3 Security
Exam ID : 303-200
Exam Duration : 90 mins
Questions in Exam : 60
Passing Score : 500 / 800
Exam Center : LPI Marketplace
Real Questions : LPI LPIC-3 Real Questions
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Topic 325: Cryptography
325.1 X.509 Certificates and Public Key Infrastructures
Weight: 5
Description: Candidates should understand X.509 certificates and public key infrastructures. They should know how to configure and use OpenSSL to implement certification authorities and issue SSL certificates for various purposes. Key Knowledge Areas:
- Understand X.509 certificates, X.509 certificate lifecycle, X.509 certificate fields and X.509v3 certificate extensions
- Understand trust chains and public key infrastructures
- Generate and manage public and private keys
- Create, operate and secure a certification authority
- Request, sign and manage server and client certificates
- Revoke certificates and certification authorities
The following is a partial list of the used files, terms and utilities:
- openssl, including relevant subcommands
- OpenSSL configuration

325.2 X.509 Certificates for Encryption, Signing and Authentication
Weight: 4
Description: Candidates should know how to use X.509 certificates for both server and client authentication. Candidates should be able to implement user and server authentication for Apache HTTPD. The version of Apache HTTPD covered is 2.4 or higher.
Key Knowledge Areas:
- Understand SSL, TLS and protocol versions
- Understand common transport layer security threats, for example Man-in-the-Middle
- Configure Apache HTTPD with mod_ssl to provide HTTPS service, including SNI and HSTS
- Configure Apache HTTPD with mod_ssl to authenticate users using certificates
- Configure Apache HTTPD with mod_ssl to provide OCSP stapling
- Use OpenSSL for SSL/TLS client and server tests
Terms and Utilities:
- Intermediate certification authorities
- Cipher configuration (no cipher-specific knowledge)
- httpd.conf
- mod_ssl
- openssl

325.3 Encrypted File Systems
Weight: 3
Description: Candidates should be able to setup and configure encrypted file systems. Key Knowledge Areas:
- Understand block device and file system encryption
- Use dm-crypt with LUKS to encrypt block devices
- Use eCryptfs to encrypt file systems, including home directories
- PAM integration
- Be aware of plain dm-crypt and EncFS
Terms and Utilities:
- cryptsetup
- cryptmount
- /etc/crypttab
- ecryptfsd
- ecryptfs-* commands
- mount.ecryptfs, umount.ecryptfs
- pam_ecryptfs
325.4 DNS and Cryptography
Weight: 5
Description: Candidates should have experience and knowledge of cryptography in the context of DNS and its implementation using BIND. The version of BIND covered is 9.7 or higher.
Key Knowledge Areas:
- Understanding of DNSSEC and DANE
- Configure and troubleshoot BIND as an authoritative name server serving DNSSEC secured zones
- Configure BIND as an recursive name server that performs DNSSEC validation on behalf of its clients
- Key Signing Key, Zone Signing Key, Key Tag
- Key generation, key storage, key management and key rollover
- Maintenance and re-signing of zones
- Use DANE to publish X.509 certificate information in DNS
- Use TSIG for secure communication with BIND
Terms and Utilities:
- DNS, EDNS, Zones, Resource Records
- DO-Bit, AD-Bit
- named.conf
- dnssec-keygen
- dnssec-signzone
- dnssec-settime
- dnssec-dsfromkey
- rndc
- dig
- delv
- openssl
Topic 326: Host Security
326.1 Host Hardening
Weight: 3
Description: Candidates should be able to secure computers running Linux against common threats. This includes kernel and software configuration.
Key Knowledge Areas:
- Configure BIOS and boot loader (GRUB 2) security
- Disable useless software and services
- Use sysctl for security related kernel configuration, particularly ASLR, Exec-Shield and IP / ICMP configuration
- Exec-Shield and IP / ICMP configuration
- Limit resource usage
- Work with chroot environments
- Drop unnecessary capabilities
- Be aware of the security advantages of virtualization
Terms and Utilities:
- grub.cfg
- chkconfig, systemctl
- ulimit
- /etc/security/limits.conf
- pam_limits.so
- chroot
- sysctl
- /etc/sysctl.conf
326.2 Host Intrusion Detection
Weight: 4
Description: Candidates should be familiar with the use and configuration of common host intrusion detection software. This includes updates and maintenance as well as automated host scans. Key Knowledge Areas:
- Use and configure the Linux Audit system
- Use chkrootkit
- Use and configure rkhunter, including updates
- Use Linux Malware Detect
- Automate host scans using cron
- Configure and use AIDE, including rule management
- Be aware of OpenSCAP
Terms and Utilities:
- auditd
- auditctl
- ausearch, aureport
- auditd.conf
- auditd.rules
- pam_tty_audit.so
- chkrootkit
- rkhunter
- /etc/rkhunter.conf
- maldet
- conf.maldet
- aide
- /etc/aide/aide.conf
326.3 User Management and Authentication
Weight: 5
Description: Candidates should be familiar with management and authentication of user accounts. This includes configuration and use of NSS, PAM, SSSD and Kerberos for both local and remote directories and authentication mechanisms as well as enforcing a password policy.
Key Knowledge Areas:
- Understand and configure NSS
- Understand and configure PAM
- Enforce password complexity policies and periodic password changes
- Lock accounts automatically after failed login attempts
- Configure and use SSSD
- Configure NSS and PAM for use with SSSD
- Configure SSSD authentication against Active Directory, IPA, LDAP, Kerberos and local domains
- Kerberos and local domains
- Obtain and manage Kerberos tickets
Terms and Utilities:
- nsswitch.conf
- /etc/login.defs
- pam_cracklib.so
- chage
- pam_tally.so, pam_tally2.so
- faillog
- pam_sss.so
- sssd
- sssd.conf
- sss_* commands
- krb5.conf
- kinit, klist, kdestroy
326.4 FreeIPA Installation and Samba Integration
Weight: 4
Description: Candidates should be familiar with FreeIPA v4.x. This includes installation and maintenance of a server instance with a FreeIPA domain as well as integration of FreeIPA with Active Directory.
Key Knowledge Areas:
- Understand FreeIPA, including its architecture and components
- Understand system and configuration prerequisites for installing FreeIPA
- Install and manage a FreeIPA server and domain
- Understand and configure Active Directory replication and Kerberos cross-realm trusts
- Be aware of sudo, autofs, SSH and SELinux integration in FreeIPA Terms and Utilities:
- 389 Directory Server, MIT Kerberos, Dogtag Certificate System, NTP, DNS, SSSD, certmonger
- ipa, including relevant subcommands
- ipa-server-install, ipa-client-install, ipa-replica-install
- ipa-replica-prepare, ipa-replica-manage
Topic 327: Access Control
327.1 Discretionary Access Control
Weight: 3 Description: Candidates are required to understand Discretionary Access Control and know how to implement it using Access Control Lists. Additionally, candidates are required to understand and know how to use Extended Attributes. Key Knowledge Areas:
- Understand and manage file ownership and permissions, including SUID and SGID
- Understand and manage access control lists
- Understand and manage extended attributes and attribute classes
Terms and Utilities:
- getfacl
- setfacl
- getfattr
- setfattr
327.2 Mandatory Access Control
Weight: 4
Description: Candidates should be familiar with Mandatory Access Control systems for Linux. Specifically, candidates should have a thorough knowledge of SELinux. Also, candidates should be aware of other Mandatory Access Control systems for Linux. This includes major features of these systems but not configuration and use.
Key Knowledge Areas:
- Understand the concepts of TE, RBAC, MAC and DAC
- Configure, manage and use SELinux
- Be aware of AppArmor and Smack
Terms and Utilities:
- getenforce, setenforce, selinuxenabled
- getsebool, setsebool, togglesebool
- fixfiles, restorecon, setfiles
- newrole, runcon
- semanage
- sestatus, seinfo
- apol
- seaudit, seaudit-report, audit2why, audit2allow
- /etc/selinux/*
327.3 Network File Systems
Weight: 3
Description: Candidates should have experience and knowledge of security issues in use and configuration of NFSv4 clients and servers as well as CIFS client services. Earlier versions of NFS are not required knowledge.
Key Knowledge Areas:
- Understand NFSv4 security issues and improvements
- Configure NFSv4 server and clients
- Understand and configure NFSv4 authentication mechanisms (LIPKEY, SPKM, Kerberos)
- Understand and use NFSv4 pseudo file system
- Understand and use NFSv4 ACLs
- Configure CIFS clients
- Understand and use CIFS Unix Extensions
- Understand and configure CIFS security modes (NTLM, Kerberos)
- Understand and manage mapping and handling of CIFS ACLs and SIDs in a Linux system
Terms and Utilities:
- /etc/exports
- /etc/idmap.conf
- nfs4acl
- mount.cifs parameters related to ownership, permissions and security modes
- winbind
- getcifsacl, setcifsacl
Topic 328: Network Security
328.1 Network Hardening
Weight: 4 Description: Candidates should be able to secure networks against common threats. This includes verification of the effectiveness of security measures. Key Knowledge Areas:
- Configure FreeRADIUS to authenticate network nodes
- Use nmap to scan networks and hosts, including different scan methods
- Use Wireshark to analyze network traffic, including filters and statistics
- Identify and deal with rogue router advertisements and DHCP messages Terms and Utilities:
- radiusd
- radmin
- radtest, radclient
- radlast, radwho
- radiusd.conf
- /etc/raddb/*
- nmap
- wireshark
- tshark
- tcpdump
- ndpmon
328.2 Network Intrusion Detection
Weight: 4
Description: Candidates should be familiar with the use and configuration of network security scanning, network monitoring and network intrusion detection software. This includes updating and maintaining the security scanners.
Key Knowledge Areas:
- Implement bandwidth usage monitoring
- Configure and use Snort, including rule management
- Configure and use OpenVAS, including NASL
Terms and Utilities:
- ntop
- Cacti
- snort
- snort-stat
- /etc/snort/*
- openvas-adduser, openvas-rmuser
- openvas-nvt-sync
- openvassd
- openvas-mkcert
- /etc/openvas/*
328.3 Packet Filtering
Weight: 5 Description: Candidates should be familiar with the use and configuration of packet filters. This includes netfilter, iptables and ip6tables as well as basic knowledge of nftables, nft and ebtables.
Key Knowledge Areas:
- Understand common firewall architectures, including DMZ
- Understand and use netfilter, iptables and ip6tables, including standard modules, tests and targets
- Implement packet filtering for both IPv4 and IPv6
- Implement connection tracking and network address translation
- Define IP sets and use them in netfilter rules
- Have basic knowledge of nftables and nft
- Have basic knowledge of ebtables
- Be aware of conntrackd
Terms and Utilities:
- iptables
- ip6tables
- iptables-save, iptables-restore
- ip6tables-save, ip6tables-restore
- ipset
- nft
- ebtables
328.4 Virtual Private Networks
Weight: 4
Description: Candidates should be familiar with the use of OpenVPN and IPsec.
Key Knowledge Areas:
- Configure and operate OpenVPN server and clients for both bridged and routed VPN networks
- Configure and operate IPsec server and clients for routed VPN networks using IPsec-Tools / racoon
- Awareness of L2TP Terms and Utilities:
- /etc/openvpn/*
- openvpn server and client
- setkey
- /etc/ipsec-tools.conf
- /etc/racoon/racoon.conf

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Laredo Petroleum (LPI) Q1 2021 income call Transcript

a close up of a logo: Laredo Petroleum (LPI) Q1 2021 Earnings Call Transcript © offered by way of The Motley idiot Laredo Petroleum (LPI) Q1 2021 earnings call Transcript

Laredo Petroleum (NYSE: LPI)

Q1 2021 income name

may additionally 06, 2021, 8:30 a.m. ET

  • prepared Remarks
  • Questions and answers
  • call contributors
  • prepared Remarks:


    respectable day, women and gents, and welcome to Laredo Petroleum first-quarter 2021 income convention name. My identify is Carol, and that i should be your operator for nowadays. at this time, all contributors are in pay attention-best mode. We can be conducting a question-and-answer session after the economic and operations file.

    As a reminder, this convention is being recorded for replay purposes. it is now my pleasure to introduce Mr. Ron Hagood, vp, investor members of the family. You may also proceed, sir.

    Ron Hagood -- vice president, Investor relations

    thanks, and good morning. becoming a member of me these days are Jason Pigott, president and chief govt officer; Karen Chandler, senior vice president and chief operations officer; and Bryan Lemmerman, senior vp and chief financial officer, in addition to further contributors of our management team. earlier than we start this morning, let me remind you that all the way through contemporary call, we might be making forward-looking statements. These statements, together with those describing our beliefs, desires, expectations, forecasts and assumptions, are supposed to be covered by using the protected harbor provisions of the private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995.

    Our actual effects may additionally vary from these ahead-looking statements for plenty of causes, a lot of which can be past our control. additionally, we'll be making references to non-GAAP financial measures. Reconciliations to GAAP financial measures are included in the previous day's information unencumber. the previous day afternoon, we issued a news free up and presentation detailing our fiscal and operating consequences for the first quarter of 2021.


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    *stock guide returns as of February 24, 2021

    this article is a transcript of this conference name produced for The Motley fool. while we strive for our foolish most desirable, there can be mistakes, omissions, or inaccuracies during this transcript. as with all our articles, The Motley idiot does not anticipate any accountability on your use of this content, and we strongly motivate you to do your own analysis, including being attentive to the name your self and analyzing the enterprise's SEC filings. Please see our terms and stipulations for additional details, including our mandatory Capitalized Disclaimers of liability.

    The Motley fool has no place in any of the stocks outlined. The Motley idiot has a disclosure coverage.

    we will refer to the presentation throughout today's name. if you wouldn't have a copy of this information unlock or presentation, you might also access it on our web page at www.laredopetro.com. i will be able to now flip the name over to Jason Pigott, president and chief govt officer.

    Jason Pigott -- President and Chief govt Officer

    good morning and thanks for becoming a member of our first-quarter 2021 income name. Our outcomes for the primary quarter are a demonstration of the solid fiscal management and operational execution that underpins our strategic transformation. We generated 22 million in free money stream in the quarter as we proceed to in the reduction of neatly charges, which in turn reduced capital expenses. We bought shares under the ATM program for approximately 27 million in web proceeds and decreased borrowings beneath our revolver by 35 million.

    Our long-time period style of drilling and completions effectivity improvements and improvements comparable to our enterprise-owned sand mine, are indicative of our force for continuous growth. Capital efficiency advancements from our transition to Howard County got here to fruition this quarter. construction from our first package of wells in Howard County had a substantial influence on construction all over the quarter despite downtime as a result of February's iciness storms. Oil construction grew eleven% sequentially versus the fourth quarter of 2020, and we are expecting sequential oil growth of 9 to 13% within the second quarter as our 2nd package of wells reaches top creation.

    We continue to do well on our ESG metrics, flaring or bating handiest 0.22% of produced herbal gasoline all the way through the quarter. The enterprise has put ahead an bold plan to cut back greenhouse gasoline emissions and decreasing, and finally, doing away with reaching flaring as a key part of the plan. To conclude, i want to respect the efforts of our operational group to quickly, and more importantly, safely restore construction after the wintry weather storms in February. With that, Karen will provide extra details on our operations.

    Karen Chandler -- Senior vice chairman and Chief Operations Officer

    thanks, Jason. i'd like to start by way of seconding Jason's feedback on the efforts of the whole operations crew to get us returned up and working after the severe climate that took place in February. It turned into all fingers on deck, and it took loads of center of attention and self-discipline with the aid of the entire teams to work as right away and safely as we did to reduce the affect. results in the first quarter proceed to reflect our a hit transition of exercise to Howard County.

    We continue to make [Inaudible] programs in Howard County being delivered at $525 per foot. one of the crucial leading drivers of this success has been our enterprise-owned sand mine. We at the moment are consistently realizing rate reductions of $ninety,000 per smartly, with the mine imparting over 85% of the sand we used in the first quarter. We had been additionally capable of successfully source the different 15% of our sand volumes with third-celebration sand correct after the winter storm as we had been getting operations up and going again at the mine, and not using a increase to our smartly can charge.

    moreover, we endured our lengthy-time period trend of increasing operational effectivity, increasing drilled feet per day per rig within the first quarter, at the same time as we have been working with the new rig we introduced in the beginning of the year. fees incurred in the first quarter came in decrease than expected. This become driven with the aid of the diminished neatly can charge simply mentioned, as well as some infrastructure tasks that have been delayed until later within the yr. in response to the primary-quarter can charge, we consider that we're heading in the right direction to spend lower than our $360 million capital finances, however additionally plan to thoroughly evaluate the advantage for persisted improvements in drilling and completion efficiencies which may positively pull some recreation ahead into 2021 from first-quarter 2022 as we keep undertaking stages regular at our existing two-rig and one-frac crew cadence.

    apart from providing reduce capital cost, we've additionally been completely satisfied with our LOE traits in Howard County. while we nevertheless predict LOE to upward push as we bring on more creation in Howard County, and still forecast about $4 per BOE for the life of the smartly in Howard County, to this point, our working fees had been lessen than we at the beginning anticipated. now we have been checking out the utility of high-price, excessive-power fuel carry on a couple of wells to evaluate the have an effect on on each production and operating expenses. We additionally proceed to optimize our water forecast as we benefit extra creation facts, and we've got transitioned nearly all of our amenities and wells to buy vigor.

    All of which might positively impact our operating charges going ahead. We are expecting to bring constant oil construction increase right through 2021 as we bring on one-neatly kit per quarter in Howard County, working one continuous frac herd. whereas there may also be some lumpiness to production based on timing of the large 12 and 13-smartly packages in our construction plan, we are expecting sequential oil production boom all over 2021, in addition to a rise in our oil cut. The early creation effects up to now in Howard County are inside the range of our expectations.

    As we confirmed in last quarter's unlock, the primary equipment, the 15-smartly yogurt pass out kit, all started out based on our common efficiency expectations. This kit has begun to tail off a little bit over the past couple of months, however usual, it's still performing within our range of expectations, peculiarly given the tighter smartly spacing in this equipment. Our 2d equipment, the 12-well Trentino/Whitmire equipment, is smartly forward of the typical performance expectations early in its heritage. each packages were developed on the titer 12 well per DSU spacing within the Wolfcamp.

    Subsequent packages could be up-spaced to about eight wells per DSU in the Wolfcamp. We agree with this could convey extra consistent performance and maximize price per DSU. We continue to make first rate growth constructing our Howard County leasehold. Subsequent to the conclusion of the first quarter, we obtained a full part, contiguous to the area that we got in October 2020.

    This formed up a two-section DSU, which now sets us up to develop the DSU with 10,000-foot laterals. i will now hand the name to Bryan for a fiscal replace.

    Bryan Lemmerman -- Senior vp and Chief fiscal Officer

    thank you, Karen. Like our operational execution, we additionally accomplished on the financial facet of our strategy. We maintained our capital discipline and our center of attention on expense manage, which combined with the capital efficiency of the Howard County construction software, drove free cash circulate of $22 million for the primary quarter. In February, we initiated our at-the-market fairness program.

    authorized for $seventy five million, the ATM application makes it possible for us to opportunistically promote fairness sometimes. We put the program in location with the intention of the use of the proceeds to pay down a element of our credit facility that had been used within the fourth quarter of 2020 to repurchase 61 million of notes at sixty two.5% at par and to finance a bolt-on transaction in Howard County, the place we bought acreage at a little over $2,000 per undeveloped acre. These opportunistic, very accretive transactions, totaled about $50 million. once we introduced the ATM application, our inventory become within the mid-30s.

    consequently, we had been able to promote 723,000 shares at an ordinary price of approximately $38.seventy five, for web proceeds of 26.9 million. These proceeds, combined with the free money circulate, enabled us to pay down our credit facility by way of $35 million all over the quarter, while also making an hobby fee on our notes of about $46 million. Going ahead, our aim is to continue to pay down debt and make stronger our steadiness sheet. fresh commodity expense increases have greater the free money move era profile of the company.

    during the first quarter, we brought to our 2022 oil hedges, and we intend so as to add greater because the 12 months progresses, further expanding our self assurance in our 2021 and '22 free money stream profile and debt reduction capabilities. With that, i will ask the operator to delight open the road for questions.

    Questions & solutions:


    thank you. [Operator Instructions] And the primary query comes from the road of Derrick Whitfield with Stifel.

    Derrick Whitfield -- Stifel economic Corp -- Analyst

    Thanks, and good morning, all.

    Jason Pigott -- President and Chief government Officer

    good morning, Derrick.

    Video: Okta CEO on why its raising 2021 suggestions after Q3 revenue beat (CNBC)

    Okta CEO on why its raising 2021 assistance after Q3 profits beat





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    Derrick Whitfield -- Stifel financial Corp -- Analyst

    For my first question, possibly for Karen, i might like to focus for your chart on web page 8 to consider the adjustments between the first two sets of wells. aside from the iciness Storm Uri impact to the primary set, have been there different considerable or terrific changes within the D&C design or circulation back strategy between these two units?

    Karen Chandler -- Senior vice chairman and Chief Operations Officer

    hello, Derrick. Thanks for the question. So at a high stage, the reply is not any. there isn't any precise difference between these first two smartly programs.

    They have been actually designed on the same spacing, even actually landing point, basically, had the identical primary design. So universal, each of these applications are nonetheless incredibly early in their flowback. We continue to consider efficiency of the different touchdown elements between the Spraberry and the Wolfcamp formation, but definitely no design modifications in these first two programs.

    Jason Pigott -- President and Chief government Officer

    And just, once again, statistically, we just see packages which are a bit greater or a bit worse. it be simply some thing it really is no longer extraordinary to grease and gas in the event you're variety of putting these first few smartly programs are smartly out.

    Derrick Whitfield -- Stifel fiscal Corp -- Analyst

    That makes feel. And for my observe-up, i wished to focus on the A&D market. in all probability for you, Jason. for your view, did the contemporary merger Midland transaction within the basin tilt the A&D atmosphere from a patrons' market to a marketers' market? Or do you sense retailers can see that it turned into a bit of of an anomaly?

    Jason Pigott -- President and Chief executive Officer

    many of the folks that we have now talked to and lots of the analysts that checked out it think that, it truly is an anomalous transaction. once again, be it for the purchaser there, but I do not consider that the expectations have been raised with the aid of that stage throughout the basin. and that i mean, there is a lot of things which are available on the market. So once more, it's a great time.

    I feel the bid-ask is narrowing. and especially, once again, as expenditures have risen a little bit, it changed into difficult to do issues in a tons reduce rate atmosphere. but I do think we're in a cost atmosphere these days the place we can also be a success with transactions.

    Derrick Whitfield -- Stifel economic Corp -- Analyst

    astonishing. Congrats in your success thus far, and thanks to your time.

    Jason Pigott -- President and Chief executive Officer

    thank you, Derrick.


    [Operator instructions] Your next query comes from the line of Noel Parks with Tuohy Brothers.

    Noel Parks -- Tuohy Brothers -- Analyst

    decent morning.

    Jason Pigott -- President and Chief government Officer

    first rate morning.

    Noel Parks -- Tuohy Brothers -- Analyst

    I just wondered, may you just form of review a little bit the spacing background of what you've been doing for the reason that your Howard County acquisition, initial launch sequence and stuff, occurring three years ago, if memory serves me. And simply variety of what the assumptions had been beneath the legacy operator, what you all started out at and where you are now. And also, might you simply kind of overview the geological qualities that helped determine what spacing works where? Or bid-ask or, I bet, the completion decisions. Thanks an awful lot.

    Karen Chandler -- Senior vp and Chief Operations Officer

    Yeah. here's Karen. Yeah, i might be satisfied to kind of step returned and speak a little bit in regards to the history of the acreage. So we got the acreage and sort of shut on the Howard County acreage that we're developing at this time in late 2019, correct, on the conclusion of 2019.

    one of the vital motives that this place was very captivating to us is it in reality had now not been developed. So there have been really no mother or father wells. So it become a great place for us to go in and go into kind of full building in this area. So no real spacing type of outline ahead of that.

    We truly transitioned very at once in 2020 to active operations in Howard County. but then, delayed completions in Howard County just given the atmosphere that we were in in early 2020 with COVID and other issues. So we really all started completion operations in September of 2020. So we've best been definitely working with lively completions flowing back on account that, in fact, the very conclusion of 2020.

    So 4 five months on the first equipment. So it truly is why we type of referred to the early smartly efficiency here. We're in fact getting the primary -- the first seem on the neatly outcomes coming back from Howard County, and the primary two packages, which is what we're showing on Slide eight within the income unencumber. so as we start building in Howard County, this spacing design that we now have pointed out turned into 4 wells within the Spraberry, 12 wells in the Wolfcamp.

    That changed into the development plan that we went in from the first two neatly programs, the Passow/Gilbert and the Trentino/Whitmire, as we confer with them. and that's what both applications that are plotted up for the Howard County wells on Slide eight are. As we kind of acquired into that building, continue to study the entire work that changed into being done with the aid of us, the offset operators, just basically lots of technical work and completions, obviously, the drilling rig is neatly out in entrance of the completions crude. And so we determined to actually up area a bit bit in Howard County in front of even getting any of these well results lower back.

    and that's what we've been doing on the subsequent applications that should be flowing returned in subsequent quarters. So what we're -- the up spacing design continues to be four wells in the Spraberry, eight wells in the Wolfcamp is currently what we're doing. usual, searching on the well results on Slide 8, overall, these are mighty packages. it be early in their history.

    We're satisfied with their performance. These wells that are flowing again presently are helping our universal enterprise strategy, which is capital-effective wells, excessive fees of returns, bigger prices of return, in reality assisting our method of free cash circulate era, paying down debt. So these first two programs are evidently assisting that. And as we continue to convey on the up area packages, which could be the applications we're bringing on within the subsequent couple of quarters, we simply suppose that they will help aid extra constant effects and continue to assist that strategy.

    So it really is variety of the history that we have now been on when you consider that buying the Howard County acreage.

    Noel Parks -- Tuohy Brothers -- Analyst

    exquisite. this is positive. and that i -- might you just talk a minute about what your pondering goes forward on steel charge? i used to be questioning in case you would -- considering of increase your inventory or might be already had? Or what you notion, might be this become type of a temporary blip upwards for steel, and we would be in improved form into future quarters?

    Karen Chandler -- Senior vp and Chief Operations Officer

    sure, overall. So we have a supply chain crew that in fact works every point of our company. And steel is a fascinating one, which is impacted via the broader global market every now and then. So we do see some fluctuations up and down.

    standard, we're no longer definitely seeing impact our oil charges at the moment. We do have contracts in region that we work -- that we determine in time to make certain that we're managing each the charge and stock on all our tubulars and every little thing. So we're really not seeing any huge affects presently to our company.

    Noel Parks -- Tuohy Brothers -- Analyst

    awesome .


    Your subsequent query comes from the road of Richard Tullis with Capital One Securities.

    Richard Tullis -- Capitol One Securities -- Analyst

    hi there, good morning, everybody. a question for might be Jason or Bryan. Given the fresh uptick in commodity fees that actually helped the money move for the quarter, does this present a chance to potentially look at monetizing one of the most much less core acreage, the 100,000-plus acres that you simply hang on the legacy houses backyard of the existing center of attention area in Howard? we've got viewed a few different E&P sales sort of non-core acreage over the last couple of months in the recent bulletins. So I just want to see if perhaps it heightens your activity in any respect and perhaps looking to part with one of the vital legacy acreage.

    Jason Pigott -- President and Chief govt Officer

    sure, or not it's a great question. I consider that it is anything it really is in our radar. As each person is aware of on the call, we want to proceed to usher in greater excellent inventory. these days, the core place, once again, it gives the cash circulate that funds that.

    but counting on how an awful lot PDP might are available with a transaction selling down, selling a non-op interest or carving out a portion of the box is whatever that we might trust to once more simply aid reinforce the balance sheet and not just convey on straight debt. So these are things that we believe about. loads of it's going to just rely upon form of the M&a work sooner or later.

    Richard Tullis -- Capitol One Securities -- Analyst

    good enough. Thanks, Jason. question for Karen. undoubtedly, in reality first-rate smartly cost average for the packages in Howard County online yr to this point.

    How sustainable do you think the 5 25 per lateral foot is as we go forward? and i mean, is there capabilities to even lower that extra?

    Karen Chandler -- Senior vp and Chief Operations Officer

    yes. We said prior that we have been anticipating to come in a bit bit below where we had been at the $540 a foot. but truly, again, with the primary applications coming through, we wanted to have exact clear performance as we were moving into and truly beginning the completions operations in Howard County. So with the first two smartly packages behind us at this point, basically comfy coming out with specific well charges at 5 25.

    so as we all discuss, are there abilities pressures on carrier expenses. there may be -- that talk continues. We're not seeing any in reality large upward force there. so far as continuing to optimize our designs and look for performance improvement, sure, I consider there may be possibility.

    So it could be definitely just type of balancing how do we proceed to power efficiency improvements into drilling and completion operations and make sure that we're managing any class of cost force that we're getting on the carrier aspect of the company. we've got spoke of our sand, our own mine that we have. We're -- simply from our frac provider suppliers, exterior agencies hearing that there's pressure on the sand facet, both trucking and sand. So presently, we're truly insulated from that.

    Which is a great position to be with the sand that we're providing off of our places provider locations. So typical, I feel we're deploy pretty neatly. And we shared again the efficiency of both drilling and completions. we've been doing that on a quarterly groundwork.

    Even with the extreme winter storm that impacted us for a few days in February, we're seeing really good performance and endured performance growth there. So I do suppose there's chance for that to continue.

    Richard Tullis -- Capitol One Securities -- Analyst

    Thanks, Karen. That was useful. and because of everyone for his or her response.

    Jason Pigott -- President and Chief executive Officer



    and ladies and gents, we've come to the conclusion of our Q&A session for today. and i'll turn the call returned over to Mr. Ron Hagood for the closing feedback.

    Ron Hagood -- vice president, Investor family members

    thank you for joining us for our name this morning. We recognize your hobby in Laredo. This concludes our name and have a superb morning.


    [Operator signoff]

    length: 25 minutes

    name members:

    Ron Hagood -- vice chairman, Investor relations

    Jason Pigott -- President and Chief executive Officer

    Karen Chandler -- Senior vp and Chief Operations Officer

    Bryan Lemmerman -- Senior vice chairman and Chief economic Officer

    Derrick Whitfield -- Stifel fiscal Corp -- Analyst

    Noel Parks -- Tuohy Brothers -- Analyst

    Richard Tullis -- Capitol One Securities -- Analyst

    greater LPI analysis

    All salary name transcripts


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