Family Medicine Board Certification Exam Exam Dumps

ABFM Exam Format | Course Contents | Course Outline | Exam Syllabus | Exam Objectives

Number of questions: 200 questions Percent
01. Basic science aspects of vascular neurology 4-6%
02. Risk factors and epidemiology 8-12%
03. Clinical features of cerebrovascular diseases 8-12%
04. Evaluation of the patient with cerebrovascular disease 13-17%
05. Causes of stroke 18-22%
06. Complications of stroke 4-6%
07. Treatment of patients with stroke 28-32%
08. Recovery, regenerative approaches, and rehabilitation 4-6%
TOTAL 100%

Content Areas
01. Basic science aspects of vascular neurology
A. Vascular neuroanatomy
1. Extracranial arterial anatomy
2. Intracranial arterial anatomy
3. Collaterals
4. Alterations of vascular anatomy
5. Venous anatomy
6. Spinal cord vascular anatomy
7. Specific vascular-brain anatomic correlations
8. End vessel syndromes
B. Stroke pathophysiology
1. Cerebral blood flow
a. Vascular smooth muscle control
b. Vasodilation and vasoconstriction
c. Autoregulation
d. Vasospasm
e. Rheology
f. Blood flow in stroke
2. Blood-brain barrier in stroke
3. Coagulation cascade
a. Clotting factors
b. Platelet function
c. Endothelium function
d. Biochemical factors
4. Metabolic and cellular consequences of ischemia
a. Ischemic cascade
b. Reperfusion changes
c. Electrophysiology
d. Gene regulation
5. Inflammation and stroke
6. Brain edema and increased ICP
a. Secondary effects
7. Restoration and recovery following stroke
8. Secondary consequences from intracranial bleeding
C. Neuropathology of stroke
1. Vascular neuropathology
2. Atherosclerosis and atherosclerotic plaque
3. Brain and meningeal biopsy
a. Indications
4. Pathological/imaging/clinical correlations
02. Prevention, risk factors, and epidemiology
A. Populations at risk for stroke
1. Non-modifiable risk factors
2. Age, gender, ethnicity, geography, family history
B. Modifiable risk factors for stroke
1. Hypertension
2. Diabetes mellitus
3. Cholesterol
4. Homocysteine
5. Obesity
6. Alcohol abuse
7. Tobacco use
8. Drug abuse
9. Exercise and other lifestyle factors
C. Infections predisposing to stroke
D. Genetic factors predicting stroke
E. Stroke as a complication of other medical illness
F. Special populations at risk for stroke
1. Children and adolescents
2. Young adults
3. Pregnancy
G. Stroke education programs and regional health services
1. Screening
2. Medical economics
3. Primary versus high risk prevention
4. National stroke programs
H. Concepts of clinical research
1. Use and interpretation of statistics
2. Clinical trial design and methodology
3. Understanding the medical literature
4. Rules of evidence and guidelines
5. Rating instruments and stroke scales
I. Outcomes
1. Prognosis
2. Mortality and morbidity of stroke subtypes
03. Clinical features of cerebrovascular diseases
A. Neuro-otology
1. Head and neck pathology
2. Vertigo and hearing loss in stroke
B. Neuro-ophthalmology
1. Retinal changes of vascular disease, including arterial hypertension
and retinal embolism
2. Other ocular manifestations of vascular disease
a. Ischemic oculopathy
b. Horner syndrome
c. Cavernous sinus syndrome
3. Disorders of ocular motility
4. Visual field defects
C. Transient ischemic attack (TIA)
1. General features of TIA
2. Carotid circulation TIA including amaurosis fugax
3. Vertebrobasilar circulation TIA
4. Asymptomatic carotid bruit or stenosis
5. Differential diagnosis of TIA
D. Ischemic stroke syndromes—cerebral hemispheres
1. Cortical stroke syndromes
a. Branch cortical artery syndromes
b. Watershed syndromes
2. Subcortical stroke syndromes
a. Lacunar strokes
b. Striatocapsular infarctions
c. Multiple lacunar infarcts
3. Major hemispheric syndromes
a. Internal carotid artery occlusion
b. Middle cerebral, anterior cerebral, or posterior cerebral artery
4. Behavioral and cognitive impairments following stroke
5. Bi-hemispheric stroke, including hypotensive events
6. Multifocal or diffuse disease
E. Ischemic stroke syndromes—brainstem and cerebellum
1. Basilar artery occlusion
a. Locked-in syndrome
b. Major brainstem strokes
2. Vertebral artery occlusion
3. Branch brainstem stroke syndromes
4. Syndromes from cerebellar arteries (brainstem/cerebellum)
5. Top-of-the-basilar syndromes
6. Thalamic syndromes
F. Ischemic stroke syndromes of the spinal cord
G. Vascular dementia (vascular cognitive impairment) and vascular cognitive
1. Multi-infarction (multiple subcortical infarctions)
2. White matter disease (leukoaraiosis, Binswanger subcortical
H. Features differentiating hemorrhagic or ischemic stroke
I. Intracerebral hemorrhage
1. Hypertension
2. Cerebral amyloid angiopathy
3. Coagulopathy/bleeding diatheses
4. Locations
a. Putamen
b. Thalamus
c. Lobar and white matter
d. Brainstem
e. Cerebellum
J. Subarachnoid hemorrhage
1. Saccular aneurysms
2. Other aneurysms
3. Unruptured aneurysm
4. Trauma
K. Vascular malformations
1. Hemorrhage
2. Other presentations
L. Primary intraventricular hemorrhage
M. Subdural or epidural hematoma
N. Venous thrombosis
1. Cavernous sinus
2. Superior sagittal sinus
3. Other sinus
4. Cortical thrombophlebitis
5. Deep cerebral veins
O. Carotid cavernous or dural fistulas
P. Pituitary apoplexy
Q. Hypertensive encephalopathy and eclampsia
R. Clinical presentations of primary and multisystem vasculitides
S. Hypoxia-ischemia
1. Cardiac arrest
2. Carbon monoxide poisoning
3. Cortical laminar necrosis
4. Other
T. Brain death
U. MELAS and metabolic disorders causing neurologic symptoms
V. Nonstroke presentations of vascular disease
W. Cardiovascular diseases
1. Heart disease, including coronary artery disease
2. Cardiac complications of stroke
3. Peripheral arterial disease
4. Aortic disease
5. Venous disease
X. Vascular presentations of other diseases of the central nervous system
Y. Infectious diseases and stroke
Z. Migraine
04. Evaluation of the patient with cerebrovascular disease
A. Evaluation of the brain and spinal cord
1. Computed tomography of brain
a. Acute changes of ischemic stroke
b. Acute changes of hemorrhagic stroke
c. Chronic changes of stroke
d. Complications of stroke
e. Vascular imaging by CT
f. Differential diagnosis by CT
g. CT perfusion
h. MR perfusion
2. Computed tomography of spine and spinal cord
3. Magnetic resonance imaging of brain
a. MRI sequences—T1, T2, FLAIR, DWI, PWI, gradient echo
b. MR spectroscopy
c. Acute changes of ischemic stroke
d. Acute changes of hemorrhagic stroke
i. Changes affected by time
e. Functional MRI
f. Vascular imaging by CT
g. Vascular imaging by MRI
4. PET and SPECT
5. EEG and evoked potentials—stroke
a. Changes in stroke
b. Complications of stroke
c. Monitoring
6. Examination of the CSF
7. ICP monitoring
B. Evaluation of the vasculature—occlusive or non-occlusive
1. Arteriography and venography
a. Cerebral
b. Spinal cord
2. Extracranial ultrasonography
a. Duplex and other imaging
b. Collateral flow challenges
c. Monitoring
3. Intracranial ultrasonography
a. Collateral flow changes
b. Contrast enhancement
c. Monitoring
4. CT angiography and CT venography
5. MR angiography and MR venography
C. Evaluation of the heart and great vessels
1. Electrocardiography
a. Monitoring
b. Holter and event monitors
2. TTE and TEE
a. Contrast-enhanced studies
3. Other chest imaging studies
a. Chest x-ray
b. Chest CT
c. Chest MRI
4. Other studies
a. Blood pressure monitoring
b. Blood cultures
c. Testing for ischemic heart disease
d. Peripheral artery disease
D. Other diagnostic studies
1. Hematologic studies
a. Blood count
b. Platelet count
c. Special coagulation studies
d. Antiplatelet (aspirin, clopidogrel) resistance studies
2. Immunological studies
a. Inflammatory markers
b. Other autoimmune studies (multisystem)
c. Serologic studies
3. Biochemical studies
a. Glucose
b. Cholesterol
c. Blood gases
d. Hepatic and renal tests
4. Urine tests
5. Biopsies
6. Evaluation for the complications of stroke
7. Evaluation for the consequences of stroke
a. Swallowing
b. Orthopedic
c. Other
8. Genetic testing
05. Causes of stroke
A. Atherosclerosis—ischemic stroke
1. Evaluation of patients prior to non-cerebrovascular operations
2. Asymptomatic bruit or stenosis
3. Aortic atherosclerosis
B. Non-atherosclerotic vasculopathies—ischemic stroke
1. Non-inflammatory
a. Dissection
b. Moyamoya disease
c. Fibromuscular dysplasia
d. Trauma
e. Radiation-induced vasculopathy
f. Saccular aneurysm
g. Other
2. Infectious
a. Syphilis
b. Herpes zoster
d. Cysticercosis
e. Bacterial meningitis
f. Aspergillosis
g. Mucormycosis
h. Cat-scratch disease
i. Behçet syndrome
j. Other
3. Inflammatory, non-infectious (angiitis)
a. Isolated CNS vasculitis
b. Multisystem vasculitis
c. Cogan syndrome
d. Eales disease
e. Polyarteritis nodosa
f. Wegener granulomatosis with polyangiitis
g. Eosinophilic granulomatosis with polyangiitis (Churg-Strauss
h. Takayasu disease
i. Systemic lupus erythematosus
j. Scleroderma
k. Rheumatoid arthritis
l. Mixed connective tissue disease
m. Ulcerative colitis and regional enteritis
n. Sarcoidosis
o. Other
C. Migraine
D. Other causes of ischemic stroke
1. Kawasaki disease
2. Lyme disease
3. Susac syndrome
E. Genetic and metabolic causes of stroke
3. Fabry-Anderson disease
4. Homocystinuria
5. Kearns-Sayre syndrome
6. Myoclonus epilepsy with ragged red fibers
7. Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, type IV
8. Marfan syndrome
10. Other monogenetic small vessel brain diseases
11. Other
F. Drugs that cause stroke, including drugs of abuse
G. Cerebral amyloid angiopathy—infarction or hemorrhage
H. Cardioembolic causes of stroke
1. Atrial fibrillation
2. Cardiovascular procedures and operations
3. Acute myocardial infarction
4. Dilated cardiomyopathy
5. Rheumatic mitral or aortic stenosis
6. Infective endocarditis
7. Libman-Sacks endocarditis
8. Non-bacterial thrombotic endocarditis
9. Mechanical or bioprosthetic valves
10. Atrial myxoma
11. Sick sinus syndrome
12. Mitral valve prolapse
13. Patent foramen ovale, including atrial septal aneurysm
14. Congenital heart diseases, including cyanotic heart disease
15. Other
I. Prothrombotic causes of stroke
1. Inherited
a. Sickle cell disease
b. Factor V Leiden—activated protein C resistance
c. Prothrombin gene mutation
d. Protein S, C, antithrombin
e. Thalassemia
f. Iron deficiency anemia
g. Others
2. Acquired
a. Pregnancy
b. Cancer
c. Dehydration
d. Thrombocytosis
e. Thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura
f. Heparin-induced thrombocytopenia and thrombosis (HITT)
g. Leukemia
h. Disseminated intravascular coagulation
i. Nephrotic syndrome
j. Hemolytic uremic syndrome
k. Sepsis and inflammation
l. Other
3. Autoimmune causes of thrombosis
a. Lupus and lupus anticoagulant, Sneddon syndrome and
antiphospholipid antibodies
b. Others
4. Iatrogenic/drugs/toxins
a. Antineoplastic
b. Prothrombotic agents
c. Others
J. Bleeding diatheses
1. Inherited
a. Hemophilia
b. Sickle cell disease
c. Thalassemia
d. von Willebrands disease
e. Others
2. Acquired
a. Leukemia
b. Thrombocytopenia
c. Disseminated intravascular coagulation
d. Others
3. Systemic diseases
4. Iatrogenic/drugs/toxins
a. Anticoagulants
b. Antiplatelet aggregating agents
c. Thrombolytic agents
d. Drugs of abuse
e. Others
K. Aneurysms
1. Saccular
2. Infected
3. Traumatic
4. Neoplastic
5. Dolichoectatic
6. Dissecting
L. Vascular malformations
1. Arteriovenous
2. Developmental venous anomaly
3. Cavernous
4. Telangiectasia
5. Dural arteriovenous fistula
M. Trauma and intracranial bleeding
N. Moyamoya disease and syndrome
O. Hypertensive hemorrhage
P. Other causes of hemorrhage
1. Vasculitis
2. Tumors
a. Primary
b. Metastatic
3. Iatrogenic
Q. Genetic diseases causing hemorrhagic stroke
06. Complications of stroke
A. Early neurologic complications
1. Brain edema, increased ICP, and herniation
2. Hydrocephalus
3. Seizures
4. Hemorrhagic transformation
5. Recurrent infarction
6. Recurrent hemorrhage
7. Other
B. Early medical complications
1. Cardiac
2. Gastrointestinal
3. Pulmonary
4. Electrolyte
5. Other
C. Chronic neurologic sequelae
D. Chronic medical sequelae
07. Treatment of patients with stroke
A. Outpatient management
1. Patient educational materials
B. Medical therapies to prevent stroke
1. Antiplatelet agents
a. Aspirin
b. Clopidogrel
c. Ticlodipine
d. Dipyridamole
e. Cilostazol
f. Prasugrel
g. Ticagrelor
h. Others
2. Anticoagulant agents
a. Warfarin
b. Heparin
c. LMW heparins
d. Direct thrombin inhibitors
e. Factor X inhibitors
3. Thrombolytic agents
4. Neuroprotective agents and other acute treatments
5. Cardioactive agents
6. Medications to prevent stroke by treating risk factors
a. Hyperlipidemia
b. Diabetes mellitus
c. Hypertension
d. Smoking
e. Hyperhomocysteinemia
f. Antiinflammatory
g. Alcohol dependence and detoxification
7. Medications to treat autoimmune diseases and vasculitis
8. Medications to treat complications of stroke
a. Anticonvulsants
b. Antidepressants
c. Brain edema and increased ICP
i. Hypertonic saline
ii. Mannitol
9. Medications to improve or restore neurologic function or to
augment rehabilitation
10. Medications to prevent rebleeding or vasospasm following a
a. Aminocaproic acid
b. Tranexamic acid
c. Nimodipine
11. Antimigraine medications
12. Vitamins
13. Interactions between medications
C. Hyperacute treatment of ischemic stroke
1. Emergency department
a. Intravenous thrombolytics
b. Intra-arterial thrombolytics
c. Mechanical thrombectomy
d. Anticoagulants and antiplatelet agents
e. Antihypertensives
f. Anticonvulsants
g. Other
2. Hospitalization – general management
a. Prevention of recurrent stroke
b. Prevention of deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary
c. Blood pressure management
d. Treatment of complications
e. Treatment of comorbid diseases
f. Treatment of risk factors for stroke
g. Other
3. Intensive care unit
a. Osmotic agents
b. Steroids
c. Sedation
d. Blood products
e. Anti-vasospasm therapy
f. Management of ventriculostomy
g. Temperature control
h. Antiarrhythmics
i. Ventilator management
j. Pressors
k. Antibiotics
l. Other
4. Neurosurgical management
a. Hemorrhage
i. Evacuation
ii. Ventriculostomy
b. Ruptured aneurysms
i. Management of vasospasm
c. Vascular malformations
d. Surgical treatment of brain edema – decompressive
e. Other
D. Chronic care
1. Antidepressants
2. Sedatives
3. Stimulants
E. Treatment of venous thrombosis
F. Treatment of spinal cord vascular disease
G. Treatment of pituitary apoplexy
H. Professionalism, ethics, systems-based practice
1. Palliative care
2. End-of-life decisions
3. Advanced directives, informed consent, regulations
4. Other
08. Recovery, regenerative approaches, and rehabilitation
A. Functional assessment
B. Regeneration and plasticity
C. Predicting outcomes
D. Pharmacologic effects on recovery
E. Rehabilitation principles
F. Emerging approaches

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ABFM Family certification

ABFM Family certification

ABFM Family certification :: Article Creator

Dr. Whitney joins Memorial fundamental care unit in Cleveland and extra Chattanooga-area career strikes

some text Anthony Whitney

Dr. Whitney joins Memorial fundamental care unit in Cleveland

Anthony Whitney, a family unit medication health professional, has joined CHI Memorial basic Care acquaintances – Cleveland.

Whitney earned his medical degree from Tufts institution school of medicine in Boston, Massachusetts. He accomplished a basic surgery internship at San Diego Naval clinic and U.S. flight surgeon working towards at the Naval Aerospace medical Institute in Pensacola, Florida. Whitney then accomplished residency working towards in family unit medication at Phoenix Baptist hospital in Phoenix, Arizona. he's a member of the American Academy of household Physicians and is licensed by way of the American Board of family unit medication.

Whitney joins Lynn Grotefendt, FNP and a clinical workforce of registered nurses, licensed practical nurses and clinical assistants at the Cleveland workplace.

BlueCross names Khan chief suggestions officer

BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee has selected health insurance business veteran Nasir Khan as senior vice chairman and chief counsel officer.

during this position, Khan will lead the worker groups responsible for securing and protecting the integrity and performance of BlueCross technical assist services together with cybersecurity, application building, and infrastructure and operations.

some text Nasir Khan

Khan involves the Chattanooga-based mostly BlueCross after serving as senior vp and chief guidance officer at Consortium health Plans in Maryland. His prior event additionally contains more than 15 years in tech roles at the Blue move Blue defend association, the place he ultimately rose to the place of vp and chief technology officer.

"suggestions functions and expertise are extra critical than ever for BlueCross and our customers," observed Scott Pierce, govt vp of BlueCross. "Nasir is a proven chief whose adventure with Consortium and the affiliation offers him wonderful perception into the know-how wants of our participants and business partners."

Khan earned an govt grasp of company administration diploma from Northwestern institution's Kellogg college of management and received his bachelor's and master's levels from the tuition of Karachi and Quaid-I-Azam institution, respectively, in Pakistan.

Bridge Public Affairs amongst suitable performing foyer establishments

Bridge Public Affairs in Chattanooga has been named a 2020 accurate-performing lobbying enterprise by Bloomberg government, displaying sustained boom after being recognized as the fifth most a success new firm in the nation in 2019.

The Bloomberg govt record is based on Lobbying Disclosure Act stories filed throughout 2020 and doesn't consist of non-lobbying revenue.

"regardless of the global challenges that so many struggled through in 2020, we are grateful to have been able to continue serving our shoppers in significant methods as they have got engaged with government at the federal, state, and native tiers," said Todd Womack, president and CEO of Bridge Public Affairs. "Like so many, our team has had to adapt because the world changed around us, but through all of it, we're grateful to had been capable of partner with a diverse and impactful client base and honored to have been named one of the vital nation's good- performing companies once more this yr."

From multinational corporations to native group nonprofits and startups, Bridge presents a wide range of public affairs functions to its consumers, together with government relations, lobbying, strategic communications, public relations, business construction and usual strategic consulting.

Cowley named to move A Step forward Chattanooga

Mandy Cowley has been named government director of the contraceptive training and entry software A Step forward Chattanooga.

Cowley changed into chosen following a countrywide search for a new leader to exchange Susan Vandergriff, who announced prior this yr that she can be leaving the nonprofit sector to pursue expert entrepreneurial goals.

some text Mandy Cowley

Cowley previously served as an associate govt director with the IRIS home Violence middle in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, overseeing operations of one of the oldest and greatest domestic violence organizations in the state of Louisiana, serving a seven-parish region. Most these days, she has labored as an administrator for the Unitarian Universalist Church in Chattanooga.

"I basically trust that each adult should still be capable of decide if and when or not it's the appropriate time for them to turn into pregnant," stated Cowley. "i'm so honored to return alongside the staff, board, volunteers and supporters of A Step ahead Chattanooga who're doing remarkable work to make sure that all and sundry in our region has entry to substances like education, advice and birth control that make that possible."

A Step forward Chattanooga provides education, information and access to free contraception in 18 counties in southeast Tennessee, north Georgia and north Alabama. This summer season, ASAC will attain the milestone of connecting 5,000 area girls with birth control when you consider that its founding in 2014.

Cowley earned a master's degree in sociology from Louisiana State tuition and a bachelor's in psychology at Centenary faculty of Louisiana.

Kotte to go income at InfoSystems

The Chattanooga-based mostly IT infrastructure and cybersecurity company InfoSystems has promoted Chris Kotte to senior vice chairman of income. In his new role, Kotte will work with Chris Gilbert, vp of income, and Kelly Nuckolls, vice chairman of advertising and marketing and alliances, to direct earnings, operations and advertising efforts.

"Chris has executed an excellent job of leading our commercial enterprise sales team over the past seven-plus years, growing wallet share, income and earnings perpetually all the way through his tenure here at InfoSystems," mentioned Scott Davis, CEO at InfoSystems. "Chris's wide earnings, income administration and consulting experience uniquely qualify him for this role."

Kotte is a graduate of the Harvard company school's IBM government management application, and he brings greater than a quarter-century of IT experience to the InfoSystems govt group. earlier than becoming a member of InfoSystems in 2014, Kotte's skilled endeavors consist of main income efforts for IBM's retail and distribution crew, managing insight's Ohio Valley division, and time spent as a specialist assisting with the launch of a Chicago enviornment IT startup.

"The previous yr has expedited an amazing quantity of alternate within the guidance technology and cybersecurity arenas, and our entire group has actually stepped up to satisfy spiking demand," Kotte noted.

Oliver, Thomas and Herra be part of Erlanger practices

Erlanger scientific group welcomes Drs. Matthew Oliver, Laura Thomas and Jenifer Herra to its turning out to be checklist of suppliers.

some text Matthew Oliver

Matthew Oliver is a board certified, fellowship educated gynecologic oncologist at Erlanger girls's Oncology. Oliver attended medical school at East Tennessee State college, and accomplished a residency in obstetrics and gynecology at Memorial tuition medical middle in Savannah, Georgia. Following a gynecologic oncology fellowship at Brown university, women and children sanatorium in Rhode Island, Oliver joined the school there. It became all over this time that he became selected because the women's Reproductive health analysis pupil throughout the country wide Institute of child fitness and Human building. apart from medical work, Oliver plans to use his analysis journey to extend scientific trials accessible via Erlanger to women with gynecologic malignancies.

some text Laura Thomas

Laura Thomas is a pediatric neurologist with toddlers's health facility at Erlanger. before pursuing a profession in medicine, Thomas worked as a high school science instructor. She attended the Edward via faculty of Osteopathic medicine in Spartanburg, S.C., and achieved two residencies — one in pediatrics at Memorial fitness in Savannah, Georgia, and the different in pediatric neurology at Wake forest Baptist health in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, where she served as chief resident.

some text Jennifer Herra

Jenifer Herra is a board licensed inside drugs and obesity medicine health practitioner at Erlanger fundamental Care in Cleveland. After attending Southern Adventist institution for her undergraduate schooling, she determined to come back to the Chattanooga enviornment following scientific faculty at St. George's school school of drugs in the West Indies. She completed residency practising in inside medicine at Erlanger, affiliated with the university of Tennessee faculty of drugs Chattanooga. Herra's particular areas of hobby include lifestyle medicine and obesity medication, in which she has earned board certification.

Memorial wins awards for security, affected person care

CHI Memorial medical institution is the handiest health system in the Chattanooga place to receive a 5- famous person ranking (five out of 5 stars) from the facilities for Medicare and Medicaid features. essentially the most normal overall hospital high-quality superstar ranking is three, and only 13% of the four,586 hospitals protected in the survey acquired a 5-celebrity ranking. this is the fifth time CHI Memorial has bought a score of four stars or higher.

The typical celebrity ranking indicates how well a person clinic is performing in comparison to other hospitals within the U.S., on commonplace. The ranking summarizes a number of measures throughout five areas of pleasant: mortality, security of care, readmission, patient journey, and time and positive care. This rating is designed to help individuals, family members and caregivers examine hospitals and easily consider complicated fine counsel.

"Our personnel never stop to amaze me," said Matthew Kodsi, vice president of medical affairs at CHI Memorial. "they're making a change day by day with the excessive first-rate, compassionate care they provide our sufferers."

CHI Memorial sanatorium Chattanooga and hospital Hixson received "A" ratings within the spring 2021 Leapfrog medical institution defense Grades, a country wide difference recognizing CHI Memorial's achievements preserving patients from mistakes, accidents, accidents and infections.

The Leapfrog hospital protection Grade assigns an "A," "B," "C," "D" or "F" grade to all standard hospitals across the nation and is updated every six months. it is the simplest clinic ranking application based mostly solely on hospitals' prevention of clinical errors and different harms to sufferers of their care. handiest 33% of hospitals within the country acquired an "A".

"here is an immense testomony to the nice of care that our physicians, clinicians and employees supply here," referred to Janelle Reilly, market CEO at CHI Memorial.

— Compiled by using Brandi Dixon

information about new hires, promotions and company awards may still be despatched to


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