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Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA) Determine, Defend, and Maximize Company Value

Business valuation is the "Gold Rush" of the century. 10 million small businesses will change hands over the next 10 years. Could you confidently advise your clients if they came to you faced with these issues-
An opportunity arises to sell or merge the business.
They are faced with transitioning the business to family members or other partners.
They are looking to expand the business and need to secure capital.
They are taking on new partners and need to determine buy-in price.
They are reaching retirement and considering an exit strategy.
Business partners or shareholders are exiting, requiring the business to be divided or dissolved.
They are embroiled in financial litigation.
They want to focus energies to grow company value.

Establish your authority in matters of value! Bolster your reputation with your clients. Enhance your credibility within the business community. Demonstrate competency to the courts that you can articulate business value.

A. Purpose for business valuation 0.5%
1. Financial accounting
2. Tax valuations
3. Litigation
4. Merger and acquisition
B. Standards of value 1.5%
1. Definitions of standards of value, including
a) Fair market value (U.S. based definition as starting point)
b) Statutory fair value
c) Financial reporting fair value
(1) IFRS
(2) U.S. GAAP
d) Investment (strategic) value
e) Intrinsic (fundamental) value
2. Relationship between purpose of the valuation and standard of value
C. Premise of value 0.5%
1. Going concern
2. Assemblage of assets
3. Liquidation (orderly or forced)
D. Principles of value 1.0%
1. Value is determined as of specific point in time
2. Value reflects prospective cash flow
3. Value reflects the level of risk into the rate of return
4. Value is influenced by liquidity
E. Levels of value 0.5%
1. Lack of control (minority vs. control)
2. Marketable vs. non-marketable
3. Strategic and investment value
A. NACVA Standards 1.5%
B. Ethical considerations 1.0%
C. Communicating and reporting analysis and results 1.0%
D. Roles of the valuation analyst in litigation services 1.0%
A. Defining the engagement 1.0%
1. Valuation date and its importance
2. Structure of the entity
3. Interest being valued
4. Purpose and objective of valuation
5. Standard of value and premise of value
6. Conflict checks
B. Engagement Letters 1.0%
1. Purpose
2. Content
C. Acceptance 1.0%
1. Experience
2. Staffing
3. Expectations
A. International Sources of Data 1.5%
B. Economic Environment 1.5%
1. Macro-environment
2. Micro-environment
3. Relationship of economic activity to the valuation
C. Industry background 3.0%
1. Economic data
2. Structure, trends, and life cycle
3. Market and competitive analysis
D. Company background 3.0%
1. Company structure and ownership
2. Site visit and interviews with key personnel
3. History and nature
4. Economic data (cost structure, pricing power, marginal analysis)
5. SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats)
A. Financial statements 4.5%
1. Source (audited/reviewed/compiled/tax returns/internal)
2. Number of years to obtain
3. Common size
4. Trend analysis
5. Ratios
6. Comparative analysis
a) Specific company
b) Industry averages
B. Adjustments to financial statements 4.5%
1. Normalizing
a) Control vs. non-control
b) Discretionary
c) Reasonable compensation analysis
d) Extraordinary/non-recurring
2. Operating vs. non-operating items
3. Off-balance sheet and unrecorded items
C. Statistical Analysis 3.0%
1. Measures of central tendency (arithmetic, harmonic, geometric means)
2. Measures of dispersion (including variance and standard deviation)
3. Statistical strengths of numerical relationships (including covariance, correlation, coefficient of determination, and coefficient of variation)
4. Linear regression
D. Types of benefit streams and selection 3.5%
1. Selection of appropriate time periods (including mid-year convention)
2. Selection of appropriate type of income/cash flow
3. Growth assumptions
a) Trend line projected
b) Constant
c) Erratic
d) Level
e) Declining growth approaches
E. Historical vs. projection based on considerations
F. Relating effects due to economic/industry events and trends
G. Pass-through entities tax effecting of the benefit stream
A. Income approach 10%
1. General theory
2. Defining applicable income/cash flow
3. Sources of data
4. Capitalization vs. discount rates
5. Commonly used methods
a) Discounted economic income/cash flow method (DCF) (multi-stage model)
(1) The method is applied using cash flow available to invested capital
(2) The method is applied using cash flow available to equity
b) Capitalized economic income/cash flow method (CCF), including Gordon Growth
Model (constant growth model)
(1) The method is applied using cash flow available to invested capital
(2) The method is applied using cash flow available to equity
c) Excess earnings (cash flow) method
d) Dividend paying capacity
B. Market approach 8.0%
1. General theory
2. Commonly used methods
a) Transactions in subject companys stock
b) Transactions/sales of companies similar to subject
(1) Guideline public companies
(a) General theory
(b) Selecting guideline companies
i) Sources of data
ii) Size adjustments
(c) Equity vs. invested capital (including multiples)
(d) Selection of appropriate time periods
(e) Selection of appropriate multiples
i) Adjusting for growth, size, and company specific risk
(2) Guideline merged and acquired companies
(a) General theory
(b) Sources of data/relevant transactional databases
(c) Consideration of the selection of data points
C. Asset Approach 6.0%
1. General theory
2. Sources of data
3. Commonly used methods
a) Book value
b) Net tangible value
c) Adjusted net asset method (intangible and tangible assets)
d) Excess earnings method
e) Liquidation method (forced or orderly)
4. Identifying and valuing intangible assets
a) Approaches and methods
b) Estimated life
c) Impairment
5. Off-balance sheet and unrecorded items (including tax issues)
D. Sanity Checks 2.0%
1. General theory
2. Sources of data
3. Commonly used methods
a) Industry formulas (Rules of Thumb)
b) Justification of purchase
E. Reconciliation of indicated values 2.0%
A. Capital asset pricing model (CAPM) 6.0%
1. Risk free rate
2. Equity risk premium
3. Beta () including un-levered and re-levered
B. Build-up method and Modified CAPM 5.5%
1. Risk free rate
2. Equity risk premium
3. Beta () including un-levered and re-levered
4. Size risk premium
5. Industry risk premium
6. Company specific risk
7. Long-term sustainable growth
8. Other
C. Weighted average cost of capital 4.0%
D. Converting after tax risk rates to pre-tax rates 1.0%
E. Other recognized methods (e.g. Gordon Growth, Arbitrage Pricing, Fama- French Three Factor, Market Multiples, Risk Rate Component Model) 1.0%
A. Levels of value and effect on discounts and premiums 2.0%
1. Synergistic value
2. Control value
3. Non-controlling, marketable value
4. Non-controlling, non-marketable value
B. Adjustments for Control Issues 3.5%
1. General theory
2. Sources of data
3. Ownership characteristics
4. Magnitude
5. Relationship to how benefit stream is defined
C. Adjustments for Marketability Issues 3.5%
1. General theory
2. Sources of data
3. Ownership characteristics
4. Restrictions on transferability
5. Magnitude
6. Models
D. Discounts and premiumsunderstanding the empirical studies 2.0%
E. Subsequent events 1.0%
F. Other valuation discounts and adjustments (e.g. Key Person, Blockage, Restrictive Agreement, Lack of Voting, Lack of Liquidity, Contingent Liabilities) 1.0%
A. Intangible assets 2.0%
B. Debt securities 0.5%
C. Convertible securities 0.5%
D. Preferred stock 0.5%
E. Stock options 0.5%
F. Voting vs. Non-voting stock 0.5%
G. Professional vs. practice goodwill 0.5%
H. Other special purpose valuations (e.g. Fair Value, Mergers and Acquisitions, Pension Benefits, Insurance policies) 0.5%
Total 100%

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CVA (CVA) information hunger

CVA (CVA) information hunger

CVA (CVA) information hunger :: Article Creator

Nero CVA problem – half one: The pre-emptive strike (out)

CVA challenges had been within the highlight lately and the story continues with Nero Holdings Ltd v younger through which the court docket regarded an software to strike out a  CVA challenge declare. youngsters there's nothing ground-breaking in the court docket’s reasoning to disregard the strike out/summary judgment application, its detailed reasoning will present some positive tips and assistance to those concerned in these functions.  it will even be positive to understand, following the listening to of the problem software, how the courtroom tackles the position the place a change and/or cloth building occurs following the circulation of the CVA inspiration, in certain the place substantial votes have already been forged.


EG group Ltd (“EG”), led by means of the billionaire Issa brothers, made an 11th hour offer to buy the shares of the Nero neighborhood constrained; the guardian business of Nero Holdings restrained (“NHL”), who was the area of a proposed CVA.

a part of that present allowed for the compensation of hire arrears to the owner community in its place of the 30p in the £ offered to most landlords below the CVA. EG nonetheless wanted the CVA to proceed on the different terms agreed but cautioned an adjournment of the meetings for the present to be regarded and put to creditors.

The present changed into rejected outright. The then nominees stated on the CVA site that a suggestion had been got for the shares in Nero group limited which did involve the price of employ arrears to landlords of NGL, however that it had been rejected and the CVA timetable would continue. Later that day, a modification to the CVA turned into proposed by NHL / the nominee that NHL would use its “premier endeavours” to procure a sale on phrases that covered the collectors’ place, however this assistance changed into simplest uploaded four hours before the balloting closing date and creditors have been not going to have seen it until now.

The votes were counted and the CVA proposal became authorised.

a group of landlords issued a problem software pursuant to s6 Insolvency Act 1986 citing that the CVA was unfairly prejudicial to the landlords and that there were cloth irregularities when it comes to the suggestion or its approval. here is scheduled to be heard in late July. The rivalry became that the CVA meetings may still were adjourned to consider the offer. It changed into additionally referred to that at the aspect the change changed into proposed, over two thirds of collectors had already voted by way of electronic vote casting. They were treated as having voted for the change; the courtroom noting that it was not likely that almost all even noticed it (or the advice involving the offer) before the voting deadline.

software for strike out/summary judgment

NHL sought to cease the challenge by means of making use of to strike it out and/or abstract judgment.

The courtroom regarded that for the goal of the summary judgment/ strike out utility, they needed to determine no matter if NHL could exhibit that the problem utility become sure to fail. Key to this become even if young had a legitimate interest in the aid he became seeking.

young was one among a bunch of landlords being financially backed by way of EG to mount the challenge application. even as compromises had been reached with other landlords, handiest younger was left standing by using time of the strike out utility. be aware that, EG had no standing to problem the CVA itself, so younger’s help become and continues to be critical. EG had offered information to younger not just when it comes to expenses, however additionally offered £a hundred,000 (an amount well in extra of rent arrears owed to young) for younger to decline any present made by means of NHL to settle without EG’s consent.

NHL argued that younger had no legitimate activity in the outcome of the problem software and that the case became been run for EG’s advantage.

The courtroom’s view

whilst it become clear that EG had its own agenda and was offering monetary incentives for young, the court needed to consider younger’s personal facts. It concluded that younger become “interestingly making all selections relating to the challenge software and in spite of the fact that he would had been unable to accept the company’s settlement present devoid of the consent of EG, his proof is that he would have rejected it anyway as he wants to be equipped to agree with his alternatives to relaxed his future condo earnings after the present CVA has been revoked.

The court docket additionally discovered younger had a legitimate hobby within the reduction sought mentioning that he was in search of to achieve a “improved position than he is now and in a position to dictate his future in an doubtful market”.

NHL’s application from strike out and/or abstract judgment become pushed aside, and the problem utility is scheduled to be heard within the following couple of weeks.


As stated above, there changed into nothing ground-breaking within the courtroom’s reasoning to dismiss the application, although it become unique to peer an instance of the court docket rejecting an try to block a challenge the place clear economic help and incentives were being offered via a third party without a direct hobby within the CVA.

We now await with anticipation the court docket’s view on the challenge utility, because it can provide some judicial perception involving final minute offers and modifications, in an age the place digital balloting is so accepted, and collectors may have already voted before the amendment is proposed.

© Copyright 2021 Squire Patton Boggs (US) LLPNational legislations review, extent XI, number 166


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