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GMAT Exam Format | Course Contents | Course Outline | Exam Syllabus | Exam Objectives

• Overview of Lesson Plan • Key Content Covered
1&2 • An introduction to GMAT.
• Handing over Princeton Review
Book and Package
• DVD from the course book and an
insight into the logic of GMAT.
• Introducing the idea of the skills
to be developed
• An outline and brief description of
each the Verbal sections
• Answering questions general from
the student.
• Introduction to memory
improvement techniques
• GMAT introduction
• Princeton Review Book and Package
• Basic exam structure review
including description of CAT
• The GMAT scoring scale
• Verbal sections defined
• Memory improvement techniques
• Home assignment: GMAT intro
3&4 • Definition of terms for the
Quantitative Section of the
• Answering questions related to
this subject coming from the G2
course preparation test.
• Foundation of basic arithmetic.
• Definition of terms
• Properties of integers
• Fractions
• Decimals
• Home assignment: Arithmetic
practice questions (not from
GMAT test)
5&6 • Continuation of the foundation
in basic arithmetic.
• Real Numbers
• Ration & Proportion
• Percents
• Powers & Roots of Numbers
• Descriptive Statistics
• Sets
• Counting Methods
• Discrete Probability
• Home assignment: Arithmetic
practice questions (not from
GMAT test)
7&8 • Critical Reasoning 1
• An introduction to Critical
Reasoning part of GMAT and the
history and changes of the section
• Description of how CR skills are a
good place to start for the
Reading Comprehension
• Very basic outline of the 4 basic
parts of an argument (greater
detail in Critical Reasoning 2)
• Explanation of how this section
falls into 8 categories (greater
detail in Critical Reasoning 2)
• Principles on how to identify
these categories and logically
approach them.
• Argument construction
• Argument Evaluation
• Formulating and Evaluating a plan
of Action
• Home assignment: easy examples
from Bin1
9&10 • Fundamentals of Algebra.
• Explanation of how important this
topic is and in how many
questions will involve the use of
these fundamentals.
• Reviewing first year High School
but in the GMAT paradigm.
• Simplifying Algebraic
• Equations
• Solving Linear Equations with one
• Solving Linear Equations with two
• Solving Equations by Factoring
• Solving Quadratic Equations
• Exponents
• Home assignment: Algebra
practice questions (not from
GMAT test)
11&12 • Fundamentals of Algebra
• An introduction to problem
solving with equalities and
inequalities involving multiple
variables and solutions
• Explanation of principle of
plugging-in (to be covered in
detail in later lesson)
• Inequalities
• Absolute Value
• Functions
• Solving Equations
• Solving Inequalities
• Transforming Algebra into
• Home assignment: Algebra
practice questions (not from
GMAT test)
13&14 • Introduction to Sentence
• Areas of grammar which are
typically covered in the GMAT
are outlined and students will
review the basics
• A few grammar drills designed to
help review each area and affirm
• Pronoun Agreement
• Pronoun Ambiguity
• The Test Masters Catalog of
• Misplaced Modifiers
• Parallel Construction
• Verb Tenses, Part One
• Subject/Verb Agreement
• Home assignment: Grammar review
15&16 • Sentence Correction 1
• Grammar areas are completed as
an introduction
• Grammar drills focused on the
topics covered
• Feedback and explanations
designed to isolate weaknesses
and homework allocated
• Noun Agreement
• Comparison Words
• Quantity Words
• Redundancy
• Verb Tenses, Part Two
• The Subjunctive Mood
• Home assignment: Grammar review
17&18 • Fundamentals of Geometry
• The final area of math
fundamentals essential to the
• Shown to be not as important as
algebra but a key area where
candidates should be confident
• A few example questions for each
topic to help visualise and
understand principles in GMAT
test environment
• Lines
• Intersecting lines and angles
• Perpendicular lines
• Parallel lines
• Polygons (convex)
• Triangles
• Quadrilaterals
• Geometry
• Home assignment: Geometry
practice questions (not from
GMAT test)
19 & 20 • Fundamentals of Geometry
• More example test questions and a
review of all the topics from
• Focused effort on Coordinate
Geometry as the largest part of
the field needed in GMAT
• Circles
• Rectangular solids and cylinders
• Surface areas
• Volumes
• Coordinate Geometry
• Home assignment: Geometry
practice questions (not from
GMAT test)
21&22 • An introduction to Reading
Comprehension and the GMAT
test question structure
• Presentation on the value of
developing reading techniques
• Brief introduction to fundamental
techniques of how to effectively
approach GMAT Reading
Comprehension questions
• Description of the 3 subject fields
that these questions will come
• An outline of what is meant by
interpretive, applied and
inferential test questions
• Definition of terms
• Reading Comprehension structure
• Approach techniques
• Subject field overview
• Home assignment: 2 actual
Reading Comprehension test
questions from Bin1
23&24 • Review of key points from
previous 2 lessons
• Feedback from home assignment
• Focused suggestions
• Actual previous GMAT questions
from Bin2
• Comprehension tips
• Test questions
• Home assignment: revise key
points from Reading
25&26 • Introduction to Data Sufficiency
• Explanation of math skills needed
• Overview of the wide variety of Data
Sufficiency problems which GMAT
• Basic introduction on how to
analyze a quantitative problem
• Question structure
• Answering fundamentals
• Definition of essential terms
• Common pitfalls
• Basic tips
and recognize which information
is relevant
• Basic introduction on how to
determine what information is
sufficient to solve a given
• Very important tips to remember
from the very beginning
supported by basic interactive
• Definition of terms and why they
need to be memorized
• Common pitfalls to avoid
• Approach techniques
• Basic interactive drills
• Home assignment: 2 test questions
from Bin1
27&28 • Review of Data Sufficiency
efficient methodology
• Feedback from home assignment
• Interactive drills designed to improve
the approach of candidates to the test
questions using the methodology
taught combined with their own
natural intelligence, logic process
and experience
• Review of the wide variety of Data
Sufficiency problems which GMAT
• Methodology review
• Feedback
• Interactive drills
• Home assignment:2 Questions
from Bin2
29&30 • Critical Reasoning 2
• A quick review of what was
covered in Critical reasoning 1
• Candidates are given tips on how
to prepare their brains to approach
these types of Questions
• The 4 main parts of an argument‘s
structure is described and broken
down into more detail
• A detailed look into the structure
of the 8 types of argument
• Brain preparation tips
• Premises, conclusions, assumptions,
• Assumption
• Strengthen the argument
• Weaken the argument
• Inference
• Parallel the reasoning
• Resolve or explain
• Evaluate an argument
• Identify the reasoning
• Home assignment: review the 4
parts of an argument and the 8
types of GMAT Critical
Reasoning questions
31&32 • Review home assignment
• Outline main tips for efficiently
gaining maximum points from
this section
• Interactive drill with Critical
Reasoning questions from Bin2
• Reminder of rudiments of GMAT
logic not formal logic
• Critical Reasoning Bin 2
• Tips
• GMAT logic
• Home assignment: 2 Bin 2 GMAT
test questions
33&34 • Problem Solving 1
• A brief overview of what GMAT
Problem Solving questions look
like and a reminder of the math
skills reviewed from Arithmetic,
Algebra and Geometry
• An introduction to the principle of
effective exam question
• When to shortcut/fully solve/plugin answers
• An introduction to the principle of
the Process of Elimination
• How to avoid partial answers
• How to spot ‚crazy‘ answer
• The absolute importance of
avoiding the answers that Joe
Bloggs would choose in harder
• Arithmetic, Algebra and Geometry
• Shortcut/fully solve/plug-in
• Partial answers
• Crazy answers
• Joe Bloggs
• Home assignment: Quick
overview of lesson content
35&36 • Problem Solving 2
• Review of Problem Solving
questions key points from home
• Introduction to rate, work, function,
probability, combination and
• Rate problems
• Work problems
• Mixture problems
• Measurement problems
permutation problems (will be
covered in detail in a separate lesson)
• How to approach interest rate
problems and basic statistics like
mean, median, mode, and standard
• Rate
• Work
• Probability
• Combination and permutation
• Interest rates
• Statistics
• Standard deviation
• Home assignment: GMAT test
questions from Bin 1/2
37&38 • Sentence Correction 2
• Review foundations of grammar
from Sentence Correction 1
• Introduce GMAT English rules
and logic and accepting the fact
that this is not about pure
grammar in the normal world
• Description of the types of errors
that are tested in GMAT Sentence
Correction test questions
• Explanation of how the test
writers decide upon the 4
alternative options they give in
the test
• Describe POE technique
• Candidates will go through Bin 1
questions to drill the various
points brought up
• Brief grammar review
• GMAT English principles
• Use Your Ear
• Contextual Clues
• Simplicity is Bliss
• Sentence Fragments
• Parallel Construction Error
• Faulty Comparison
• Punctuation
• Word Confusion
• Adjective/Adverb Error
• Correct pronoun usage
• Disagreement Between Subject and Verb
• Verb Tense Error
• Misplaced Modifier
• Incorrect Idiomatic Expression
• POE technique
• Sentence Correction Bin1 drill
• Home assignment: 2 Bin 2 test
39&40 • Sentence Correction 3
• Feedback from home assignment
• Review POE technique
• Focused in depth coverage of the
typical areas of focus
• Bin 3 drilling
• Sentence Correction typical areas
of focus
• Home assignment: review of
typical areas of focus and 2
questions from Bin 3

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GMAT GMAT Real Exam Questions

GMAT GMAT Real Exam Questions

GMAT GMAT Real Exam Questions :: Article Creator

I Took The GMAT Six instances To Get Into My goal MBA faculty

every other year, i'd be making an attempt to live up till nighttime to cheer and holler with household and chums, probably failing and falling asleep by using 10:30pm. but this New yrโ€™s Eve, i was getting to know for the GMAT.

back in 2019, i was working in England as the regional sales supervisor for an e-commerce company and my career become taking off like a rocket. I dropped out of faculty three years prior and had no plans to come to college; not to mention pursue a masterโ€™s degree.ย 

however someday, i was eating lunch on my very own when out of the blue I had the concept: โ€˜You should get an MBAโ€™. I wrote concerning the reasons why I selected to do MBA in yet another weblog submit.

Anyway, I stop my job, moved my family back to the U.S., accomplished my 24 last undergraduate credit in one semester, and, most importantly, began my GMAT event of greater than seven months and 6 attempts.

My GMAT event 7675639af649f33e7aea8d333d9b89306718b66a.png

1st effort. January 4th, 2020. GMAT: 610.

I chose to take the GMAT over the GRE since the institution i used to be applying to explicitly observed they favored it that way. otherwise, i might have chosen the GRE because the math is greatly believed to be less complicated, and that i am extra of a verbal grownup anyway.ย 

My purpose once I set out to take the GMAT changed into to ranking a seven hundred. this is form of the magic quantity for a lot of applicants, and it became my precise aim.

i believed I could knock out the GMAT the weekend earlier than my undergraduate courses begun. Ha! I scored a 610. This shouldnโ€™t have been excellent on account that I had simplest studied a complete of two weeks.

2nd attempt. January twenty fourth, 2020. GMAT: 590.

20 days later, I sat for my 2nd effort. Taking eight higher-division lessons whereas researching three plus hours day after day for the GMAT was tough. however I made a lifestyles-altering bounce and failure wasnโ€™t an choice. i was greater confident this time and felt like I had found a groove.ย 

Then I scored a 590. words canโ€™t express my disappointment. I called my spouse shortly after the examine asserting, โ€˜I simply lost company schoolโ€™. How may I come returned from this?

third attempt. may additionally 18th, 2020. GMAT: 620.

right here is where things get wonderful for you and nauseating for me. COVID-19 become gaining momentum and GMAT verify facilities have been closing hastily.ย 

Three days before my third effort, the examine center cancelled my appointment. I had zero options and utility cut-off dates for the 2020 consumption have been without delay drawing near.ย 

finally, two months after my original appointment, a checking out website in my state (Utah) discovered a way to reopen. I made the two-hour force most effective to ranking a 620. An growth, yes, but nonetheless tremendously short of what I obligatory.

4th attempt. June sixth, 2020. GMAT: 640.

I pulled out all the stops. with the aid of this aspect I had attended a six-week GMAT prep route, purchased two online study courses (not cheap), and practiced dozens of legit GMAT complications every day.ย 

My follow test scores had me in the 720-740 range and while those can also occasionally be inflated, theyโ€™re not ever off with the aid of 100 points. i used to be starting to think certain of myself.ย 

Coronavirus became still raging, but I discovered a check center one state over, made the 5-hour pressure, and scored a 640. once more, it turned into better, however my math score became dragging every thing down and my target MBA school required a definite quantitative stage that I wasnโ€™t reaching.ย 

fifth effort. July 2nd, 2020. GMAT: 610.

because of the pandemic, the GMAT changed into made attainable to take from domestic and the on-line edition did not count number toward the five obtainable makes an attempt in a 12-month duration. This felt like the golden ticket as a result of I might take the exam in the same house the place I had been learning for it.ย 

My first child become born on June 25th and my fifth attempt of the examination become precisely every week later. I walked out of my home office with a different ranking of 610, literally placing me back to rectangular one. I had one other shot to get this carried out before becoming ineligible to take the GMAT for another 12 months. ย ย 

6th attempt. July 11th, 2020. GMAT: 640.

I knew i was capable. but I approached this final test with a humility healthy for a serf. prior to this attempt, there turned into always โ€˜yet another opportunityโ€™. but not this time. This was it. Miraculously, I received my quant rating simply barely to the degree it needed to be. I blew it on the verbal side and i nevertheless didnโ€™t hit my seven-hundred goal score, but I might eventually say i used to be an MBA candidate.ย 

My proper GMAT Prep tips

1. ย talk to successful GMAT-takers

talk to each person which you could that scored what you wish to earn on the GMAT, and discover everything they did to put together. if you handiest get tips from sources which are additionally making an attempt to promote you a verify prep product, you wonโ€™t get the premiere information. that you can learn the way to rating 700+ on the GMAT, with advice from MBAs whoโ€™ve accomplished it, on BusinessBecause.

2. Use the GMAT authentic e-book

i might suggest the use of the GMAT reliable e book by using GMAC. They produce the genuine exam, so their follow questions will be essentially the most correct.ย 

three. believe the online vs check core GMAT

You deserve to figure out no matter if the GMAT on-line or the verify core GMAT is right for you. for my part, I preferred the in-grownup examination. i assumed being at home can be an enormous knowledge, but it surely turned into an anxious journey. The proctor is so secure that you might consider a bit stressed to make sure every little thing is ultimate, as a consequence eliminating from your look at various center of attention.ย 

4. Donโ€™t spend thousands on a GMAT tutor

You will not have to spend thousands on a tutor to get the ranking you desire. when you've got the cash to do that, outstanding, it might most effective aid. but for those on a price range, i like to recommend target examine Prep. I discovered it late in my stories, however is extremely thorough and well organized, plus itโ€™s within your means. The in-adult prep direction I took changed into great however high priced and never critical.ย 

hear, i am a typical form of guy. even if I completed my purpose and received the place i needed to be, I think youโ€™ll agree that I did it in an unimpressive and commonplace style.ย 

The factor is, the GMAT might take you seven months love it did for me, but it surely is beatable, it is learnable, and you can discover success in it. If i will be able to do the GMAT and get into my goal MBA college, you absolutely can too!

Ourย MBA Newcomer, Ryan rate, is the host and founder of MBA secrets and begins his full-time MBA at BYU Marriott school of enterprise within the fall. We follow Ryan via his MBA event, giving you the internal scoop on lifestyles as an MBA pupil.

examine more blog entries from our MBA Newcomer

Frequently Asked Questions about Killexams Exam Dumps

Can I find actual Questions and Answers to GMAT exam?
Yes. You will be able to download up-to-date actual questions and answers to the GMAT exam. If there will be any update in the exam, it will be automatically copied in your download section and you will receive an intimation email. You can memorize and practice these questions and answers with the VCE exam simulator. It will train you enough to get good marks in the exam.

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Usually, if you have a busy schedule, you need to spend two hours daily reading and practice GMAT braindumps. If you are free and you have more time to study, you can prepare for an exam even in 24 hours. Although, we recommend taking your time to study and practice GMAT exam dumps until you are sure that you can answer all the questions that will be asked in the actual GMAT exam. For complete GMAT braindumps, visit and register to download the question bank of GMAT exam dumps. These GMAT exam questions are taken from actual exam sources, that\'s why these GMAT exam questions are sufficient to read and pass the exam. Although you can use other sources also for improvement of knowledge like textbooks and other aid material these GMAT dumps are sufficient to pass the exam.

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