CompTIA Server+ Exam Dumps

SK0-004 Exam Format | Course Contents | Course Outline | Exam Syllabus | Exam Objectives

Install and upgrade server-class hardware.
Install and configure server NOS and applications software.
Configure RAID arrays.
Use management and monitoring tools.
Create disaster recovery plans.
Troubleshoot hardware, storage, networking, and software issues.

Exam Name CompTIA Server+
Exam Code SK0-004
Duration 90 mins
Number of Questions 100
Passing Score 750 / 900

Server Architecture 12%
1. Rack mount
1U, 2U, 4U
Cable management arms
Rail kits
2. Tower
3. Blade technology
Blade enclosure
Power supply sockets
Network modules/switches
Management modules
Blade server
1. CPU
Multiprocessor vs. multicore
Socket type
Cache levels: L1, L2, L3
CPU stepping
2. RAM
ECC vs. non-ECC
Number of pins
Static vs. dynamic
Module placement
CAS latency
Memory pairing
3. Bus types, bus channels and expansion slots
Height differences and bit rate differences
4. NICs
5. Hard drives
6. Riser cards
7. RAID controllers
CMOS battery
9. Firmware
10. USB interface/port
11. Hotswap vs. non-hotswap components
1. Power
110v vs. 220v vs. -48v
208v vs. 440v/460v/480v
1-phase vs. 3-phase power
Plug types
Twist lock
2. Cooling
Thermal dissipation
Liquid cooling

Server Administration 24%
1. Determine server role/purpose
2. Update firmware
3. BIOS/UEFI configuration
Boot order
4. Disk preparation

RAID setup
File system type
Ext 2, 3, 4
5. Configure host name
6. Local account setup
7. Connect to network
8. Join domain/directory
9. Address security concerns
OS hardening
Compliance to company procedures/standards
10. Enable services
11. Install features/roles/applications/drivers
12. Performance baseline
Server optimization
Swap or pagefile optimization
13. Unattended/remote installations
Deploying images and cloning
Scripted installs
PXE boot
1. Web server
2. Application server
3. Directory server
4. Database server
5. File server
6. Print server
7. Messaging server
8. Mail server
9. Routing and remote access server
10. Network services server
1. Local hardware administration
Virtual administration console
2. Network-based hardware administration
KVM over IP
3. Network-based operating system administration
Command line/shell
1. Change management
2. Patch management
Operating system updates
Application updates
Security software updates
Firmware updates
Device drivers updates
Compatibility lists
Operating systems
Testing and validation
3. Outages and service level agreements
Scheduled downtime
Unscheduled downtime
Impact analysis
Client notification
4. Performance monitoring
CPU utilization
Memory utilization
Network utilization
Disk utilization
Storage capacity
Comparison against performance baseline
Processes and services monitoring
Log monitoring
5. Hardware maintenance
Check system health indicators
Error codes
Beep codes
LCD messages
Replace failed components
Hard drives
Preventive maintenance
Clearing dust
Check proper air flow
Proper shut down procedures
6. Fault tolerance and high availability techniques
Load balancing
Round robin
1. Asset management
Life cycle management
End of life
Serial number
Asset tag
2. Documentation
Service manuals
Network diagrams
Architecture diagrams
Dataflow diagrams
Recovery documentation
Baseline documentation
Change management policies
Service level agreement
Server configuration
3. Secure storage of sensitive documentation
1. Hosts and guests
2. Management interface for virtual machines
3. Hypervisor
Type I
Type II
4. Hardware compatibility list
BIOS/UEFI compatibility and support
CPU compatibility support
AMD-V/Intel VT
5. Resource allocation between guest and host
Network connectivity
Direct access (bridging) vs. NAT
Virtual NICs
Virtual switches

Storage 12%
1. Disk specifications
Dimensions/form factor
Bus width
Seek time and latency
Hotswap vs. non-hotswap components
2. Interfaces
Fibre channel
3. Hard drive vs. SSD
1. RAID levels and performance considerations
2. Software vs. hardware RAID
Performance considerations
3. Configuration specifications

Bus types
Drive RPM
4. Hotswap support and ramifications
5. Hot spare vs. cold spare
6. Array controller
Battery backed cache
Redundant controller
1. DAS
2. NAS
3. SAN
Fibre channel
LUN and LUN masking
HBAs and fabric switches
5. Tape
6. Optical drive
7. Flash, compact flash and USB drive
1. Base10 vs. Base2 disk size calculation (1000 vs. 1024)
2. Disk quotas
3. Compression
4. Capacity planning considerations
Operating system growth
Service packs
Log files
Temporary directories
Application servers
File servers

Security 13%
1. Multifactor authentication
Something you have
Something you know
Something you are
2. Security concepts
RFID chip
ID card
Access list
Security guard
Security camera
Keys and locks
Rack mount
1. OS hardening
Stopping unneeded services/ closing unneeded ports
Install only required software
Install latest operating system patches
2. Application hardening
Install latest patches
Disabling unneeded services/roles/features
3. Endpoint security
4. Remediate security issues based on a vulnerability scan
5. Hardware hardening
Disabling unneeded hardware and physical ports/devices
BIOS password
Disable WOL (Wake on LAN)
Setup boot order
Chassis locks/intrusion detection
1. Firewall
2. Port security/802.1x/NAC
3. Router access list
5. Authentication protocols
6. PKI
Private key
Public key
Certificate authority
7. VPN
8. IPSec
10. Security zones
Public and private
Intranet and extranet
1. ACLs
File system
Network ACLs
Peripheral devices
Administrative rights
Distribution lists
2. Permissions
Full control/superuser
File vs. share
1. Storage encryption
File level encryption
Disk encryption
Tape encryption
2. Storage media
Soft wipe
File deletion
Hard wipe
Zero out all sectors
Physical destruction
Remote wipe
1. Power concepts and best practices
Runtime vs. capacity
Automated graceful shutdown of attached devices
Periodic testing of batteries
Maximum load
Bypass procedures
Remote management
Connect redundant rack
PDUs to separate circuits
Capacity planning
PDU ratings
UPS ratings
Total potential power draw
Multiple circuits
Connect redundant power supplies to separate PDUs
2. Safety
ESD procedures
Fire suppression
Proper lifting techniques
Rack stability
Floor load limitations
Sharp edges and pinch points
Room and rack temperature and humidity
Monitoring and alert notifications
Air flow
Rack filler/baffle/blanking panels
Hot aisle and cold aisle

Networking 10%
1. IPv4 vs. IPv6
2. Default gateway
3. CIDR notation and subnetting
4. Public and private IP addressing
5. Static IP assignment vs. DHCP
6. DNS
Default domain suffix/search domain
8. NetBIOS
10. MAC addresses
11. Network Interface Card configuration
NIC teaming
10/100/1000 Mbps
10 Gbps
1. TCP vs. UDP
2. SNMP 161
3. SMTP 25
4. FTP 20/21
5. SFTP 22
6. SSH 22
7. SCP 22
8. NTP 123
9. HTTP 80
10. HTTPS 443
11. TELNET 23
12. IMAP 143
13. POP3 110
14. RDP 3389
15. FTPS 989/990
16. LDAP 389/3268
17. DNS 53
18. DHCP 67/68
1. Copper
Patch cables
Straight through
2. Fiber
Single mode
3. Connectors
4. Cable placement and routing
Cable channels
Cable management trays
5. Labeling
6. Bend radius
7. Plenum cables
8. Cable ties

Disaster Recovery 9%
1. Site types
Hot site
Cold site
Warm site
2. Replication methods
3. Continuity of operations
Disaster recovery plan
Business continuity plan
Business impact analysis
Who is affected
What is affected
Severity of impact
1. Methodology
Bare metal
Open file
Data vs. OS restore
2. Backup media
Linear access
Random access
Removable media
Optical media
3. Media and restore best practices
Integrity verification
Test restorability
Tape rotation and retention
4. Media storage location
Security considerations
Environmental considerations

Troubleshooting 20%
1. Identify the problem and determine the scope
Question users/stakeholders and identify changes to the server/environment
Collect additional documentation/logs
If possible, replicate the problem as appropriate
If possible, perform backups before making changes
2. Establish a theory of probable cause (question the obvious)
Determine whether there is a common element of symptom causing multiple problems
3. Test the theory to determine cause
Once theory is confirmed, determine next steps to resolve problem
If theory is not confirmed, establish new theory or escalate
4. Establish a plan of action to resolve the problem and notify impacted users
5. Implement the solution or escalate as appropriate
Make one change at a time and test/ confirm the change has resolved the problem
If the problem is not resolved, reverse the change if appropriate and implement new change
6. Verify full system functionality and if applicable implement preventative measures
7. Perform a root cause analysis
8. Document findings, actions and outcomes throughout the process
1. Common problems
Failed POST
Memory failure
Onboard component failure
Processor failure
Incorrect boot sequence
Expansion card failure
Operating system not found
Drive failure
Power supply failure
I/O failure
2. Causes of common problems
Third-party components or incompatible components
Incompatible or incorrect BIOS
Cooling failure
Mismatched components
Backplane failure
3. Environmental issues
Power surge/failure
4. Hardware tools
Power supply tester (multimeter)
Hardware diagnostics
Compressed air
ESD equipment
1. Common problems
User unable to log on
User cannot access resources
Memory leak
OS boot failure
Driver issues
Runaway process
Cannot mount drive
Cannot write to system log
Slow OS performance
Patch update failure
Service failure
Hangs no shut down
Users cannot print
2. Cause of common problems
User Account Control (UAC/SUDO)
Corrupted files
Lack of hard drive space
Lack of system resources
Virtual memory (misconfigured, corrupt)
Print server drivers/services
Print spooler
3. Software tools
System logs
Monitoring tools (resource monitor, performance monitor)
Defragmentation tools
Disk property tools (usage, free space, volume or drive mapping)
1. Common problems
Internet connectivity failure
Email failure
Resource unavailable
DHCP server misconfigured
Non-functional or unreachable
Destination host unreachable
Unknown host
Default gateway misconfigured
Failure of service provider
Cannot reach by host name/FQDN
2. Causes of common problems
Improper IP configuration
VLAN configuration
Port security
Improper subnetting
Component failure
Incorrect OS route tables
Bad cables
Firewall (misconfiguration, hardware failure, software failure)
Misconfigured NIC, routing/switch issues
DNS and/or DHCP failure
Misconfigured hosts file
IPv4 vs. IPv6 misconfigurations
3. Networking tools
net use/mount
1. Common problems
Slow file access
OS not found
Data not available
Unsuccessful backup
Error lights
Unable to mount the device
Drive not available
Cannot access logical drive
Data corruption
Slow I/O performance
Restore failure
Cache failure
Multiple drive failure
2. Causes of common problems
Media failure
Drive failure
Controller failure
HBA failure
Loose connectors
Cable problems
Improper termination
Corrupt boot sector
Corrupt file system table
Array rebuild
Improper disk partition
Bad sectors
Cache battery failure
Cache turned off
Insufficient space
Improper RAID configuration
Mismatched drives
Backplane failure
3. Storage tools
Partitioning tools
Disk management
RAID array management
Array management
System logs
Net use/mount command
Monitoring tools
1. Common problems
File integrity issue
Privilege escalation
Applications will not load
Cannot access network file/shares
Unable to open files
Excessive access
Excessive memory utilization
2. Causes of common problems
Open ports
Active services
Inactive services
Intrusion detection configurations
Anti-malware configurations
Local/group policies
Firewall rules
Misconfigured permissions
Virus infection
Rogue processes/services
3. Security tools
Port scanners
Telnet client

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DOWNERS GROVE, unwell., may additionally 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- CompTIA, the main provider of vendor-impartial potential certifications for counsel know-how (IT) professionals, has introduced a brand new and up-to-date version of the CompTIA Server+ examination.

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tremendous changes within the new exam consist of superior emphasis on:

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